Important note for existing customers

If you already had a customer account in the "old" minimodelle24 shop, all your data such as user name, address (es), orders etc. were transferred to the new shop. For technical reasons the passwords could not be accepted.

In order to continue using your old customer account, please go to the customer login (My account --> Sign in) here in the shop and click on the right side in the area "I'm already a customer." below the login input fields on "Forgot your password?".
Now please request a new password with the e-mail address (user name) given at the time of registration in the old shop.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail. Click on the included link to change your password.

In case of problems and / or questions please contact us by mail or call +49 (0)76 44 /93 12 39.

Best regards, André Rohrmüller
minimum models24